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The medical profession always has, and will continue to be one of the most historically noble and satisfying professions in the world.Millions of Indian students every year apply for admission into Medical Colleges of India, but not all get success in getting into the Dream profession of a MBBS Doctor.

It has lead to an increasing number of students studying for their Medical Degree outside their home country. Where courses are taught in English, with low cost and that are recognized, enabling them to work as Doctors back home.


Very tough entrance exam.

Very few seats.

Very High and illegal Donation.

Not all private Medical colleges provide quality education.

Exceptional Expertise

The prime object of Way To Doctors is to present crystal picture to the students and their parents without giving any room to ambiguity. Our specialist teams, with an impressive breadth of experience across key sectors, offer you professional, objective advice and access to world-class services.

Way To Doctors initiative has been shaped especially for catering to such students, by assisting them not only to succeed in getting a place at Medical University, but also to provide a get into world's best healthcare Systems.

Becoming a Doctor is the dream of many students. There are limited seats in India and competition is stiff. A good doctor has a rewarding career. The Planning Commission has estimated a shortage is 600,000 doctors in India. Canada, Australia, Singapore and some Gulf countries currently welcome qualified Doctors as they have a shortage of medical professionals. There are over 70,000 doctors from India working in Canada, UK, USA and Australia. Salaries in developed countries begin at Rs. 24 lacs /year. Some doctors earn in excess of Rs 100 lacs per annum. A very handsome return for your investment in Medical Education!!